Numbers, patterns, rankings, topics, trends and influencers of the over 500,000 St. Louisans using Twitter in 2010.

Rediscover The City We Live In.

When you look at the data, we too live in a city that never sleeps. The State of Twitter: STL 2011 Report reveals what our city is doing and talking about every hour of every day.

The report was assembled by using the STL Tweets platform, which allows us to view our city from a unique perspective by collecting data about what St. Louis is sharing and discussing on Twitter: people, places, culture, sports, pictures, locations, hash-tags, politics, you name it. We're sharing with you what we discovered, from the obvious things like chatter about the Cardinals and weather, to surprising stats like the most popular brands and the hottest words of 2010.

Tap into conversations and trends in our city. Discover what we're saying.

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